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Aleksandra Milewicz

Founder  |  500 RYT

Aleksandra is a traveling yoga teacher based in Hong Kong who came across yoga in 2011 fell in love with it instantly. She likes to call herself a down-to-earth urban yogi who doesn't take herself or yoga too seriously. 

She loves aerial yoga for its healing benefits and playfulness. Aleks loves the fact that with the support of aerial hammock anyone can do an inversion in their first class. She believes that going upside down is a great way to decompresses the spine, stretch the entire body, release endorphins and stay young! Her mission with Bamboo Yoga is to bring the aerial practice into nature and introduce it to as many people as possible. 



Co-Teacher | 200 RYT | Aerial Hammock & Hoop Instructor

Carmen is a registered RYT yoga teacher, Expert Aerial Hammock and Hoop instructor. 

Carmen joined Bamboo Yoga in March 2018 because she loves to combine her favourite yoga style and spending time in nature. She takes care of her students at Bamboo Yoga to make sure everyone is safe and having fun. Her bubbly personality and laughter are contagious, she is a real ray of sunshine. It is also thanks to her that we have now aerial hoop in our Bamboo Yoga repertoire.



Co-Teacher | Expert Aerial Hoop Instructor

Kathleen is a certified XPERT Aerial Hoop instructor. 


Kathleen always loved dancing but it was until she tried aerial when she discovered her true passion. She enjoys seeing progress in building strength and flexibility, while still having fun with aerial movements and flows.  


At Bamboo Yoga, Kathleen helps her students relax into aerial poses safely on the beach (or challenge them with new moves if they're up for it!). Another hobby of hers is photography so she's always willing to help take a few snaps while you enjoy this unique experience.



Co-Teacher |  Aerial Yoga Instructor

Wendy started her aerial journey in 2016 first indoor, in the studio, to later take her practice outdoor to the beach with Bamboo Yoga. Combining two of her hobbies and favourite elements: yoga and beach, Wendy is passionate about spreading joy at Bamboo Yoga events. She loves inspiring students, teaching them new tricks and finding the best angles to shoot their poses. Wendy believes that aerial yoga not only improves our health but also can boost our confidence. She shares the positive energy with her students and encourages them to challenge themselves in a safe way. Let’s snap and have fun! 



Xpert Hammock Instructor | Xpert Hoop Instructor | ZIN Zumba Instructor

Angela started her aerial journey firstly to cure her back pain but she soon fell in love with this style and continued practising. She believes that aerial yoga does not only improve your health condition but can also build up strength and flexibility. Angela loves to combine dance steps with yoga poses, create flow to dance in the air. Her passion for dancing led her to become a Zumba dance instructor. She is caring, cheerful and energetic, she loves to inspire and support her students to build confidence and strength as well as encourage them to challenge themselves.

In Bamboo Yoga, Angela shares her experience and enthusiasm. She is great at understanding student's level and their preference, coaching them to get into various beautiful poses safely and find the best angle for photography.

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