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What is Bamboo Yoga?

Bamboo Yoga is a unique concept of aerial yoga practiced on a bamboo tripod. Started in Hong Kong, Bamboo Yoga has its home on one of the most beautiful beaches in Hong Kong - Sai Wan beach. 


Bamboo Yoga is a 100% safe and fun activity for the curious. If you like the thrill of trying new things that empower while connecting with nature and your own body then you will love Bamboo Yoga. 

There is a beautiful parallel between bamboo and yoga. Bamboo symbolizes strength, acceptance of the natural flow and openness to wisdom in emptiness. Just like yoga, bamboo means commitment to continuous growth and living a simple and straightforward life. It combines upright integrity with accommodating flexibility. Both, yoga and bamboo have the perfect balance of grace and strength, or the Yin and the Yang to create a wholeness, peace, and happiness.


Be like bamboo. Be strong yet flexible. Commit to continuous growth. Bend but don’t break.

How it started

The idea to practice aerial yoga on bamboo tripods was born after Aleksandra completed her aerial yoga teacher training. She wanted to take her practice outside of the studio into the beautiful nature. Bamboo was the perfect material to build tripods as it is extremely strong and light.

As a side project Aleksandra created a workshop where she teaches aerial yoga on bamboo tripods on the beach. This very unique way to practice yoga and spend time in the nature has gained a lot of interest from the public and media. 

We offer a full or half day workshops in Hong Kong. A full day (suitable for beginners) starts with an aerial yoga class at Yoga Bam Bam in Central where we teach the basics of aerial including 5-7 inversion poses. It is followed by a hike to Tai Long Wan, the most beautiful beach in Hong Kong to fly on the bamboo tripods over the ocean. If you are familiar with aerial yoga and feel comfortable with going into inversions with some assistance, join our half day work shop on the beach. 

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