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  • Is aerial yoga safe?
    Yes. Guided by a trained teacher it is absolutely safe and fun.
  • Are the bamboos poles safe to do aerial yoga?
    Yes. Bamboo is incredibly strong, stronger than steel or even concrete! It can hold up to 200 kg. There is a reason why bamboo is used for scaffolding all over Hong Kong.
  • What are the benefits of aerial yoga?
    Aerial yoga is gentle way to get strong, relieve pain and heal the body. Hammocks support the body’s weight, enhance our range of motion and allow us to stretch deeper and work a greater range of back and core muscles. Aerial offers great therapeutic benefits. We use gravity to decompress the spine, realign the vertebrae, relieve disc and nerve pressure, which causes pain.
  • What should I bring?
    Cash for transportation, water, sunscreen, yoga clothes, towel, swimwear, water, snacks etc.
  • What if the weather is bad?
    We will most likely postpone the event to a different date. If the date doesn’t suit you, you can change it to any other upcoming workshop.
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